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Why is a solar pile driver the best choice?

Maybe you don’t need a solar pile driver for your next work. There is the chance that a backhoe will fit the exact same job as a pile driver. It is a matter of excavating so there is no need to buy another heavy equipment to be added to your own.

Or maybe not.

But isn’t helpful to use an excavator that moves in an arc and drives in a grid pattern? Solar farms are built with very tight grids and the arm of an excavator can be “goofy”.

The soil always dictates what you need, and the ground condition tells if it is needed more or less depth on the driving operation, if the piles must be placed on a certain inclination, if you need more impact power, if you have limited space and time.

An excavator’s bucket can never be as accurate as you want.

So, why is a solar pile driver the best choice?

  • First of all, it is important to remind the time: many solar jobs have very short timelines. A pile driver reduces incredibly the work time because it doesn’t need concrete to fix the pile, it doesn’t create dirt. The site is clean and there is no debris.
  • It is easy to be transported to the jobsite.
  • It grants easy maneuverability, it moves among the grids with ease
  • Then you have the right machine for the job you have to face: on industry average, the pile is 14-16 ft long, and you can find these height post on all pile drivers.
  • Most pile drivers can modulate the driving inclination both in the lateral and frontal position.
  • The impact itself can be adjusted to the soil request, from 500 to 1200 joule on average. Note that not all the steel piles can be driven with a high impact power without being deformed or bent.
  • Many manufacturers improve productivity with GPS or laser technology to ensure the best result
  • Some models can be upgraded a the remote-control to assist the operator


What is the right solar pile driver for your next jobsite?

The Italian manufacturers are the world-leading in this industry, and their equipment are currently driving the solar installation everywhere.
Here in MachinesBroker, you can find the best used and brand new pile drivers for solar installation, with our Pauselli, Turchi, MGI, Orteco and Hydra pile drivers.

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