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Used Trencher at work

We want to show you how a Used Trencher works.

You can see in this page the video that one of our customers recorded in Africa. The video portraits the Used Trencher Vermeer T555DTH we sold them at work in Burkina Faso.


If you have never seen how a trencher works, this short video will be very helpful.
Even if the video lasts for a few seconds and it is recorded with a mobile phone, there are 3 important factors you can notice:

  1. The excavation is performed with ease. Thanks to the TEC2000, the electronic control system, it automatically adapts trencher to changing conditions
  2. The trenching process is rapid. The Vermeer T555DTH has a 185 HP engine for the heavy work. This Trencher presents an outfit for tough digging conditions in the rock by combining electronic intelligence with muscles of a sturdy construction.
  3. The execution is perfect. You can see in the video that the dirt and debris expelled by the Vermeer T555DTH are ready to be backfilled. This is impossible to obtain with an excavator or other classical excavation techniques.

The boom of this trencher has a 180 cm maximum depth and 55 cm width and thanks to the auto-leveling system it is guaranteed that the sides and the bottom of the trench are executed with great accuracy.

Do you want to know more about the Vermeer T555DTH trencher? Click  here and see the technical description or simply click here  to browse our used trenchers for sale.

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