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Used Directional Drills

Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology has some incredible advantages. It allows to lay cables and piping passing, for example, under rivers or canals and without interrupting roads, motorways, railways.

The horizontal drilling technology reduces the cost and time of excavation and installation. In the city, it eliminates the social costs that traditional excavations cause to people like closed roads, dusty and noisy construction sites.

The laying of cables through controlled horizontal drilling is widespread throughout Europe and the United States. Quality used machines are so coveted and hard to find at competitive prices.
MachinesBroker oversees this market taking advantage of every opportunity that allows us to offer high-quality used No-Dig equipment.

Used HDD Machines for sale now

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TRACTO-TECHNIK Grundodrill 10S
Used HDD Rig Tracto-Technik Grundodrill 10S
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EGT HD2030 1DR
Used HDD Rig EGT HD2030 1DR
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Ditch Witch JT3020 Mach1
Used HDD Rig Ditch Witch JT3020 Mach1
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Hydro Burst Vermeer HB5058
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Used HDD Rig Vermeer D23X30III
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Used HDD Rig Vermeer D33X44
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Used HDD Rig Vermeer D36X50II DR
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Used Drill EGT DD2522.01
Used Drill EGT DD2522.01
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Looking for a Used HDD Rig that you haven’t found?

Even if you haven’t found the insertion of the No-dig machine that you need, contact us. We are always looking for Horizontal directional drills all around and we will be able to find the machine that fits you quickly.

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