How can you reduce the risks of used equipment?

Why can you trust Machines Broker?

The answer is simple: the best choice is the conscious and realistically informed one

We have been working in this specific sector for the past 8 years. We have grown steadily and are gaining the trust of more and more customers. Buying a used equipment certainly saves a lot compared to the new one, but to make the best investment you need the right balance between convenience and reliability. An informed and conscious purchase is the best possible way to buy used equipment, taking advantage of all the economic advantages and minimizing risks. The evaluation of costs and supply timing of a reliable and productive machine is possible only by relying on complete and transparent information.

We do give any real possible data on the conditions of the proposed machines

Each machine has a checklist that describes and documents the state of the engine, of the hydraulic system and the electrical system, and of the structure. These descriptions are also accompanied by photos of the details under consideration. We require the machine owners that all these informations are documented.

We ask them full transparency.

Every spare part and every processing are documented

Another key factor, in buying a used machine, is the delivery time. Sometimes you can encounter delays with brand-new machines, especially for certain product categories that are highly requested by the public.

When buying a second-hand machine, timing must taken into account, all checks and all works necessary to make the machine a safe and productive investment.

Sometimes customers turn to us with very tight deadlines, which do not take into account last-minute checks and works.

If you want to have the highest possible safety we also recommend that you consider our “Stress Test” service, which tests the machine under stress conditions. This test allows you to identify problems that would not otherwise be discovered in the workshop or yard.

If no problems arise after a stress test, or if all necessary repairs are made, the risks associated with the reliability of the machine are reduced to almost zero.

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In a few wordswhat do we recommend?

What kind of checklists can be found in your website?

Checklist What does it mean?
1 No checklist available The owner of the machine decided to not answer our questions. Other than the information displayed on our websites and our general communications, we can't assure you nothing more​.
2 Coming soon We are still waiting for the answers to our checklist. It usually takes time, since it is a delicate matter, and we always push for complete and real data.
3 Reported The owner of the machine has been asked to accurately describe the condition of each part of the machine with photos and any other documentation available. When the information is not available, it means that the owner has not been able to document it. This may indicate the need for an inspection.​
4 Inspected The machine has been inspected by one of our specialized technicians. The description and photos have been made with the utmost precision and completeness. Every available document, relating to the actual state of the machine in its entirety, has been collected and is available on our site​.
5 Reconditioned The machines with this label have received all the attention required. Any repairs and replacements necessary to achieve optimal operating condition have been made, as evidenced by tests and inspections. Each test and quality control performed is fully illustrated.​

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