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1. General

MachinesBroker holds the right, unquestionably, to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. You are required to consult the Terms and Conditions regularly on the website to notify yourself of any changes made. MachinesBroker may, at its own discretion and without notice, deny you the access and the use of the websites or any section of these websites.No part of the website may be reproduced, altered, modified, republished, copied, forwarded or distributed for commercial use, to create derivative works or for public events in any form and by any means, except those permitted by these Terms and Conditions. Any unauthorized use of the sites or the content may be subject to prosecution.

2. Equipment Listing

MachinesBroker will evaluate the seller’s request prior to publication. If the machinery should not be in line with the corporate sale principles (general state of the machine, price out of the market, other) MachinesBroker will make clear the hindrance facing the completion of the publication.Users wishing to list their vehicles on the site are required to fill in every section of the entry form, otherwise the machine listing will be not uploaded.The listing will not make any references to the seller, nor the price. All negotiations will be conducted directly by MachinesBroker and its intermediaries.

The listing service is free.

3. Commissions

MachinesBroker operates as a broker, facilitating the purchase and sale of used industrial machinery through marketing activities. Users wanting to list a vehicle on the site will be required to sign a “Mandate Letter” of variable duration (minimum 90 days) with which the user is committed, in the case of sale through MachinesBroker, to correspond a commission for the service. A commission will also be paid by the purchaser to MachinesBroker .


Payments will be made when the bill of the medium has been issued. The invoice must contain a detailed description of the machinery and equipment and/or services included. Bank transfer and letter of credit (irrevocable and confirmed are the only forms of payment allowed, according to a written agreement between the parties. If the buyer does not comply with the terms of payment, MachinesBroker is entitled to demand the payment of interest at the annual rate of 8% plus Euribor. All direct and indirect costs disbursed by MachinesBroker for the recovery of amounts unduly paid will be charged to the buyer.


The delivery date is indicated in the order form. If the seller deems it impossible to be able to deliver within the fixed date, the seller must immediately notify MachinesBroker regarding the reason. In this case, MachinesBroker reserves the right to a) cancel the order; b) restructure the order; c) permit the delay. Deficient deliveries, missing or incomplete, give MachinesBroker the right to a) cancel the purchase order and reject the product without any payment; b) reject the deficient delivery and demand a complete delivery in accordance with the specifications; c) receive the prompt repair or replacement of damaged products and services. Each delivery must include a shipping document, complete with the order details.


MachinesBroker publishes data about the condition of machinery according to what is declared by the seller. Before purchasing a product, the buyer must check all the details that may affect the buyer’s purchase decision (technical data, general info, etc.) with the seller. This is to avoid future misunderstandings and to ensure maximum transparency. MachinesBroker cannot offer any warranties or guarantees regarding the equipment on sale. The warranty packages are intended as an extra service and subject to the assessment of MachinesBroker. MachinesBroker is not responsible for missed payments, missed shipments or incomplete sales. MachinesBroker cannot guarantee the solvency capacity of a buyer nor the degree of reliability of a seller. The availability of the machines may be updated without any notification. The ads may have typographic errors or inaccuracies for which MachinesBroker does not accept responsibility. The website, MachinesBroker, and the services connected to it may be temporarily down or not working properly due to external causes or force majeure outside the direct responsibility of MachinesBroker. Neither MachinesBroker nor any of its affiliates, employees or partners are responsible for damages that may arise from the use of the website, of its services and of its applications.


MachinesBroker is able to offer services of technical assistance, maintenance, as well as warranty packages. These services exclusively concern the machines belonging to the categories Trencher & Trenchless and all other equipment purchased from our website, not others



Registration to the website allows the user to receive a periodical newsletter about the world of MachinesBroker, to be able to leave comments on the blog, and to be recognized as a verified member of MachinesBroker. Registration is reserved only for persons older than 18 . The login details for must be private and not handed over to third parties that may not adhere to theTerms and Conditions of the website. The misappropriation by third parties of access credentials must be immediately notified.


MachinesBroker will take care not to disclose or sell your contact information to third parties. Your personal information will only be used by employees of MachinesBroker in order to guarantee the correct support in the use of our services.



These Terms and Conditions are valid continuously from the time of their acceptance. In case of sale of a vehicle through other channels, it will be your duty to inform MachinesBroker in order to stop the agreement signed between the parties.