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MachinesBroker is the specialized seller who can guarantee you maximum exposure on the European, African and Middle Eastern market. We sell all over the world, but in these areas we have the best range offers and sales history of used Trenchers and Horizontal Drilling Machines (HDDs)In these markets we have sold more than all our online competitors, managing every aspect of the operations in total autonomy.

If you want to sell your used equipment but still struggling to find the right buyer, let us take care of your used machines!

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Machines Broker provides specialized knowledge in the field of infrastructure installation and trencher and trenchless/no-dig technologies

Our specialization: We are a broker company specializing in trencher and trenchless/no-dig technologies, with a deep understanding of the industry. This allows us to provide our clients with highly qualified consultancy and technical assistance.

We offer our clients access to our extensive network of connections

Extensive network of connections: The result of our decade-long experience in the industry is a vast network of contacts worldwide.

This will give you access to a huge number of potential buyers of used equipment, increasing sales opportunities and enhancing your visibility in the market.

We actively commit to finding qualified potential clients

Actively seeking qualified clients: Unlike simple online sales portals, Machines Broker actively engages in finding potential buyers. 

Using our wide network of connections, we can find specific sales opportunities with various companies and institutions and find the perfect client.

Our decade-long experience in international transactions ensures efficiency

Experience in international transactions: Our extensive experience in international transactions has provided us with solid knowledge and expertise in the industry. 

We handle international business operations in a professional way, successfully overcoming barriers that may arise in global trade.

We actively promote our machinery on top industry portals and social media

Proactive promotion: Our machines are actively promoted on leading industry portals, including:

  • Mascus
  • Truck1
  • Machineryzone
  • Plantandequipment
  • MachineryLine
  • Machinerypark
  • Machinio
  • Machinerytrader
  • Via-mobilis
  • Subito

This targeted promotion helps us easily reach a broader audience and increase sales possibilities.

We offer a multilingual sales network accessible via our website or by calling Machines Broker

Multilingual sales network service: Our multilingual sales network includes a team fluent in various languages. 

This enables us to communicate with customers in their native or preferred language, access new markets, provide excellent customer service, and reduce economic risks.

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