New Trencher or Used Trencher?

There are some things you should knowbefore you make this investment

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Buying a new trencher directly from the local dealer undoubtedly has numerous advantages in terms of reliability. But is it really always the best choice? 

Is there the possibility to obtain adequate reliability and productivity at a lower cost?

Whether you want to buy a new machine, evaluating various brands and models, or whether you are considering the purchase of a used machine, the evaluation formula to be applied is always the same: productivity + reliability – costs = optimal choice.

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The production capacities of the machinery on the market depend on the technological evolution that characterizes them

The trenchers have not experienced significant technological advancements since the early 2000s. The automation of the advancement and excavation systems, was the last major innovation, relevant to production capacity. 

A new trencher and a used trencher from early 2000s, brought back in excellent operating conditions, have very similar production capacities.

It is almost always possible, to turn back a used trencher toits optimal production condition, at an affordable cost compared to the new one

Starting with a used machine with all the relevant technological advances, and relying on our specialized technical team, we can repair or replace all critical parts for reliability and production, bringing it back to the optimal operating condition.

We work with manufacturers and their workshops using original spare parts.

We can provide stress tests services, done in construction site conditions, to highlight any otherwise invisible flaws.

Thanks to the collaboration with the manufacturers and authorized workshops, we can offer warranty packages, that protect against unexpected costs.

Used trenchers are not all the same, carefully evaluate our proposals to understand how to get the most out of your investment.

The economic value of the new collapses after purchase

The average depreciation of a new machine, after a short use, is about one third of its value.

A used machinery has depreciation thresholds in line with its real production capacities and in line with its future potential: the higher its productivity over time, the higher the value.

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Evaluation formula for the purchase of a machine


In a few words

Let's compare the purchase of aNew Vermeer T655III Trencher and a used Vermeer T655III

T655III NewT655III Used (Inspected)
Maximum production capacity Production capacity similar to new
Latest technology available Latest technology available (or similar)
3 years or 3,000 hours warranty Optional customizable warranty
Full price purchase cost 30/50% lower purchase cost
Maximum depreciation after purchase Value consistent with the state of the machine

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