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Why MachinesBroker?

Because if you are looking for a used Trencher, a used horizontal directional drill or a used pile driver, no one can offer so many quality alternatives as MachinesBroker. We are the company that has the largest number of used Trenchers in Europe, Africa and Middle-East; all checked and offered in very good condition.

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Why to choose a trencher or HDD rig to lay cables?

Simply because the laying of pipelines or infrastructure cannot do without these two tools. Traditional excavations under open sky made with Trencher are realized about 4 times faster than those made with excavators. As for the “trenchless” technology (No-Dig), HDD rigs represent the present and especially the future. Everything happens under our feet without interrupting the normal cycle of things.


I was convinced to buy a used Trencher, I realized that I cannot help it, but how can I evaluate the right machine between the many that I will find on the web?

This is the “problem” that meets everyone who decides for the first time to buy a trencher. That’s why usually they are accompanied by a friend, by a technician or someone who knows this kind of machine. To give a support to the “inexperienced,” we have realized this 10 points mini-guide that can be helpful in the evaluation of used Trencher. It is not the Bible, but for sure is handy!

Read the article: “10 points to consider before you buy a second hand Trencher”


I’m interested in one your used Trencher, but I need to sell mine before, will you make a trade-in?

MachinesBroker normally does not make trade-in, but helps the client who wants to sell his machine promoting for free through its Web channels. If you go to SOLD machines pages in this website, you can realize that we can sell your machine…


I’m looking for a Trencher / HDD rig / Pile Driver that I haven’t found on your website, how can I do?

Surely you can contact us and we will help you to find it. Especially in the case of Trenchers, it’s really unlikely that we won’t find it!


I want to buy a Trencher, but I have no idea how it works and how to use it in a proper way.

No problem, MachinesBroker do not just sell you the machine. Among our additional services we have also Training for you and your workers. One of our technicians will instruct you on the operation and maintenance of the vehicle to get 100% from its use.


What guarantee is provided with the machines that you sell?

MachinesBroker do not provide warranty on the machines, although they are always sold in working conditions. One of our strong point is the price and therefore we prefer to have the most competitive prices than some months of warranty. However, we have among our services also warranty packages, which protect the customer for three, six or twelve months. Each machine has its own package of warranty that can be purchased by the customer or not.