Used HDD Rig Tracto-Technik Grundodrill 10S

Used HDD Rig Tracto-Technik Grundodrill 10S

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Specifications and features

General information
Year: 1995
Hours: 3.950
Place: Europe
Transport dimensions
Length: 605 cm
Width: 202 cm
Height: 205 cm
Weight: 7.838 kg
Technical specs
Gross power: 162 HP
Max spindle torque: 4.000 Nm
Pullback: 10.000 Kg
Useful information
2 Sonde holders
4 cutting heads
Reamers 150-250-280-320-400 mm
Own truck
Checklist What does it mean?
3 Reported The owner of the machine has been asked to accurately describe the condition of each part of the machine with photos and any other documentation available. When the information is not available, it means that the owner has not been able to document it. This may indicate the need for an inspection.​
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Question Reply Pictures or videos
Is the engine intact or are there missing parts? The engine is complete
Does it start easily when switched on or does it have difficulty starting? yes
Does the engine speed up regularly from standstill or does it drop? yes
Are there any abnormal noises? no
Are the exhaust fumes normal? yes
Is the level of the motor fluids regular? yes
Are there any visible leaks from the engine? No, there aren’t


Question Reply Pictures or videos
Does the system work regularly when tried at standstill or is there something wrong? yes, needs new hoses
Is the fluid level in the system correct? yes
Are there any obvious leaks in the hydraulic system? yes
What general condition is the system and what is the level of wear of its parts? everything works


Question Reply Pictures or videos
Do all parts of the system work? yes
Is the display functional or are there any non-operational functions? yes
Are the controls present and operational for each function of the dashboard? yes
In what condition are the automatic or auxiliary devices (Tilt, Offset, A \ C, other)? in general good


Question Reply Pictures or videos
Are the bodywork and structure intact and complete or do they have anomalies (welds, cracks, serious rust situations)? some minor stuff
What are the conditions of the cabin? (dashboard, seat, windows, ROPS, controls, other) no cabin in this model
What are the conditions of the painting? average conditions
What are the conditions of the tracks and tires? good conditions


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