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Do you want to save money?

If you are tempted to “save money” and put on the field excavators to perform a trench digging you must take into account several factors.

Probably the system that you are using is obsolete, and you are losing time and more importantly, money.


Let’s take an example from a real jobsite.

The company xxx had to dig a 10 km trench for the installation of a sewage drain pipe. The bid required to lay 20 cm pipes 1 m below the surface. In order to do this, the company had to dig 1.5 meters deep and 40 cm wide to be sure that the pipe is perfectly coated and buried.
If you use the traditional old techniques – excavators – you do this to save money.
You use 4 excavators to perform the excavation, then you have to use a loader to remove the dirt, a truck to put it outside the jobsite, then you have to clean the trench you have just dug because the excavator is not so accurate. At the end, you have to purchase the backfill material because the excavator doesn’t grind the soil and you have to cover the trench.

You have put on the jobsite:

4 Excavators

2 Loaders

1+ Truck

5+ operators

Transport for 5+ heavy equipment

Backfill material (transported from outside the jobsite)

Fuel for 5+ heavy equipment

Otherwise, there is another solution.

An average tracked trencher does the same job of 4 excavators (4 machines, 4 operators, 4 times the fuel, 4 times the transport and other costs related to the machines) while performing a perfect-sized trench with great accuracy even in the worst soil conditions.

It can dig with slopes up to 10° and, if the trencher has the Offset option, even alongside the road. 
The result of the excavation with the trencher is ready to be backfilled and it is expulsed on the sides of the trench. Since a lot of trenchers have a backfill blade equipped there is no deed to bring on the jobsite a skid steer or a dozer to perform the backfill. 
As an alternative, you can upgrade your trencher with a loading conveyor, which gives the possibility to place the dirt directly on a truck, while the trencher is working. Everything at the same time.

With this alternative, you have used

1 trencher

1 truck (optional)

1 operator (+ 1 for the optional truck)

Fuel for 1 heavy equipment (+1 for the optional truck)


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