Do you know the Trencher Technology?

If you use hammers, excavators and shovels to dig a trench you may find interesting the content of this page

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All over the world, the most successful companies that lay underground services, use trencher technology

The use of trenchers has been widespread for many years. However in some countries this technology is not yet used.

The second-hand market now allows many more companies, in many more countries, the use of this convenient and effective technology for the installation of subservices.

It is still worth, using traditional technologies and tools to save?

Unless your company works in a country where time is worthless, to complete your projects with quality and quick and effective timing you need this technology.

When it comes to excavating trenches for laying water, gas, optical fiber, electricity, the trencher technology always guarantees always superior results compared to traditional methods.

What are the advantages of Trenchers?

Productivity: If it is necessary to carry out excavations for the laying of underground services, it must be considered that the yield of a trencher is 3 times higher than an excavator. In other words, you need 3 excavators to do the work of a trencher.

Precision and tidiness: If we also consider the work done by a trencher, it is easy to see the quality in terms of precision and efficiency of the excavation produced. A Trencher produces a trench of the required size in one pass, quickly and with extreme precision.

Recovery of waste material: while it works, a trencher accumulates excavated material on the sides of the trench which can be reused for backfilling. The use of a trencher also simplifies loading and disposal of excess material.

Cost reduction: If a trencher is used on the construction site, the excavation operations will require fewer personnel, fewer machines, less transport and less fuel.

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Remember that a Trencher can be the best investment, but it must be a reliable quality used machine

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