How to make an informed and competent purchase

5 steps to reduce the risks of used vehicles

1. Find the right machine for the job you need to do.

The choice and search for the right used machine for the type of work to be carried out is the starting point. In case you have doubts about the right machine for your project, we will help you with all the useful information to make the best possible choice: what level of productivity do you need? What budget do you have? What developments do you foresee for your business?
We will provide you with all the information you need to identify the right machine for you

2. Get all the data you need, with maximum completeness and reliability

The purchase of a used car must be done in the most conscious way possible. Once we have identified the right machine, the right technology for the job to be done, we need to have an initial picture as complete as possible about the conditions of the various parts of the machine. Not all information is always available, but we do our best to make it so. We document all the material at our disposal in the most complete way.
Maximum transparency and maximum information to make the best decisions and reduce any risk.

3. Take the time to have the machine checked and prepared with the utmost care.

The necessary checks and work can often take some time. The delivery of the machines and the start times of the works place time limits on the validity of the machinery purchase proposals. In some cases we have been faster than those who sell the new one, but in any case, a decisive factor in completing the purchase of a more convenient and reliable used one requires a certain time frame. Do not find yourself looking for and evaluating machines with little time available, be foresight at least in the information and evaluation phase of preparation times and costs.
You can thus minimize risks and problems while maximizing the economic benefits of your choice.

4. It counts on skilled labor and original spare parts.

A company like ours has been collaborating for almost 8 years with major manufacturing companies. The workforce we use is specialized and uses original materials and components . Our reality has been operating in this sector for over 20 years. We know how to evaluate the right machine for you and we know how to prepare and prepare it with competence.
Don’t improvise specialis ti sector, you become one in years of work.

5. Integrate with any ad hoc warranty and stress test packages .

When evaluating or verifying used equipment, the possibility of carrying out a Stress Test that tests the chosen machine in a suitable terrain is the best guarantee of reliability and safety. When required, we provide our network of technicians to take this comprehensive test that minimizes any surprises. If you want to fully protect yourself from unexpected costs, we provide tailor-made warranty packages to solve the security needs of our customers. We are fully committed to doing our job as specialists dedicated to the recovery and reuse of special machinery in the most professional and reliable way.

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