Used Equipment Checklists – How do they work?

What is a Transparency Checklists? In order to assure a reduction of the risks related to the purchase of used equipment, we gather and publish in plain sight every information possible. This means that if there is a fault with the machine, we will not hide it. Same for any need for repairing, inspection, or […]

How to make an informed and competent purchase

5 steps to reduce the risks of used vehicles 1. Find the right machine for the job you need to do. The choice and search for the right used machine for the type of work to be carried out is the starting point. In case you have doubts about the right machine for your project, […]

Trencher: Good Practices

If you are starting a New dig job using a trencher, you surely know all about safety digging a trench. Many countries in fact have “guidelines” on excavations and safety initiatives. The good practices you find here can be used as reminders or suggestions for optimal use of a trencher. First of all, we are […]

10 Points to Evaluate Before Buying a Used Trencher

A useful list for those who have to evaluate and choose. This is an article made for you who are considering the purchase of a used Trencher. Actually, more than an article, it is a real checklist to keep handy when evaluating used Trenchers or when asking for information.