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Used Trenchers

To buy a used Trencher means:
1) To take advantage of the most effective excavation technology that exists

2) To make a very smart and profitable investment.

This technology has made famous the Vermeer, Tesmec, Ditch Witch brands, and makes the difference in contracts where meters and time count.

MachinesBroker is specialized in locating and evaluating used Trenchers in Europe, selling them around the world. We have technical partnerships with the official dealers in many countries of the world. We also organize all repair works to ensure reliable and functional equipment.

MachinesBroker handles negotiations with speed and security to the benefit of purchasers. Today we are the company that offers the largest number of used Trencher for sale in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Also the second-hand market in HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling or No-Dig) technology is booming. No-Dig technology currently represents the greatest innovation in the optical fiber laying and other sub-services. Directional Drills are ideal in case of difficult barriers to overcome with a traditional excavation or a trencher.

No-Dig technology is mature but still new. The used equipment fleet is extremely limited even in Western countries. We are on the front line, ready to serve buyers and sellers.


Finding hydraulic pile drivers on the used equipment market is increasingly difficult. Companies that install guardrail or solar power plants need the best machines, which guarantee the best result, together with savings and productivity.

Big companies rely more and more on the machines of Italian brands such as Orteco, Hydra, Pauselli or Turchi, thanks to their high-quality components and results in the field.

However, waiting lists that companies have to face can be a problem and the only alternative is finding high quality used pile drivers.


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