MachinesBroker is a brokerage company operating in the field of construction machinery, with a marked specialization in Trencher, Trenchless (HDD-No-dig) and Hydraulic Pile Driver technologies.

Thanks to our dense network of contacts, from Eastern Europe to North Africa to South America, those who rely on us multiply opportunities in the sale and purchase of used machinery.

We are brokers specialized in niche sectors. We specialize in special equipment. We do not usually deal with standard earthmoving machines. Our strength is the sum of specific competence, transparency and completeness of information provided on each proposed machine.

Look at a technical sheet, you will not find other more complete and transparent sites online. There we asked what was the most correct and useful way to do our job and have decided to work trying to embody this model.

In our opinion, the best possible way to promote and sell used equipment is the one that guarantees the greatest information and awareness. With the correct information, evaluating time and costs well, BUYING A USED CAN BE THE ABSOLUTELY BEST DEAL.

We have the skills and the necessary network to guarantee the highest possible quality. We are not always the cheapest, but we believe we are the most reliable. We can count on a team of specialized technicians to carry out inspections, preparations and repairs.

We do our best to be the most competitive in terms of productivity and guaranteed reliability.

Unlike simple sales portals, we at MachinesBroker do not limit ourselves to placing advertisements online. We are active in researching potential sellers and buyers . Such as? We have contacts with small, medium and large companies. We periodically consult local authorities (Chambers of Commerce, trade associations) to keep up to date on projects, contracts and works of various kinds. We have a compact network of local mediators to handle the negotiations on the spot. We have over 20 years of experience in international transactions in these specific sectors.

We are the online trader with the highest sales of used Trenchers in recent years in this part of the world.

We are available to the needs of those who buy and those who sell. Try to consult us.

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