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Are you looking for a used trencher for sale at a reasonable price? Do you want to cash in on a machine you don’t use anymore? Well, you’ve found the right partner!

MachinesBroker is a brokerage company operating in the field of construction equipment. We have a strong specialization in Used Trenchers and Horizontal Directional Drilling machines. Thanks to our vast network of contacts, from Eastern Europe to North Africa, customers rely on us to increase their chances of selling and purchasing used machinery

MachinesBroker is not offering you a simple implementation of online ads. Our main activity is the continuous research of potential sellers and buyers.


We are in contact with small, medium and large enterprises and a successful network of local mediators that manage our negotiations directly on location. Also, we periodically consult with local bodies (chambers of commerce, trade associations) to stay informed about projects, tenders, and different works.
Having more than 20 years of experience in international business, and a dynamic team spirit, allows us to achieve our goals!

But MachinesBroker is not only this!

We want to be a guide and support for all those involved in the construction world. That’s why we offer technical consultancy for the projects you are working on and training courses on the use of Trencher and Trenchless machinery. You can also rely on us for maintenance packages or spare parts for your trencher.

For all these reasons, MachinesBroker is your partner!

MachinesBroker is the right company if you are searching Used Trenchers for Sale


Used Trenchers for Sale

The Best way to know us is to ask an assessment of used equipment that you need to buy or sell.

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