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3 Reasons to choose a trencher and save time and money

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It is common to see, around the world, a contractor digging with an excavator or backhoe loader instead of trenchers.
Is it the right choice?
From a point of view, it seems that it is, excavators cost less than trenchers, and it is easier to find them around the world, used and brand new.

But this inital saving is a real saving?

Now we will show you 3 reasons to choose a trencher in your jobsite, and why it is always the best choiceSpeed and productivity.

A trencher can dig quickly than other excavators. If we consider the same category of power and dimension, a trencher can dig up to 5 times faster than an excavator, even more, if compared to a backhoe. The website of R.B. Hinkle shows indeed their Vermeer T1055 compared to a 50-ton excavator.
Every working hour the T1055 can dig up to 24 meters, while the excavator can dig just 3 meters. So, the Trencher is 8 times faster.
It is undeniable that a trench excavated by a trencher is superior. With a close look to every part of the trench, a trencher is a step forward to all traditional digging techniques. The side surfaces of the trench, thicker and plain, or the ground base, kept to a constant depth. Furthermore, a trencher automatically expels its backfill material, ready to be transported or used.


By now trenchers have incorporated instruments and technologies to increase their accuracy. These can guarantee a better control on the excavation as the constant depth, the auto blocking in case of obstacles, auto-leveling systems. It is not true that the sole purpose of a trencher is to dig trenches. Manufacturers have understood this principle and have added a lot of optional tools to be installed in their equipment to increase the productivity as cable layers, vibratory plows, backhoes. Moreover, trenchers find no difficulties on bad climate and ground adversities.  Frozen ground, snow, and sand are not a problem

Easy to find.

Compared to classic excavators, trenchers are more difficult to find in the market of the used equipment.  But not for usMachinesBroker is the main supplier of used trenchers in Europe, Africa and Middle East, with the best equipment and the best cost-effective service. We are the landmark for the supply of used trenchers, from Spain to Australia, and we can afford every demand, no matter if is needed a chainsaw or rocksaw trencher, with tracks or wheels.




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